We exist to facilitate financing for renewable energy projects in emerging market economies that need them most. Along with providing structuring and related consultancy services, we partner with strong local origination partners to build attractive investment opportunities for investors.


Our Values

We are persistent, passionate problem solvers

We have a compassionate spirit and a competitive core.

We act in alignment with our well informed and open-to-learning thought leadership.

We believe the best way to successfully serve all our stakeholders is to be a just business.

We will find a way. If we can’t find one, we’ll make the way.


We come from very different backgrounds. An engineer. An investment banker. A management consultant.

Having worked in very different places. Nairobi, Kenya. New York City, America. Panchgani, India. Jakarta, Indonesia. Rome, Italy. London, UK. International development. Venture capital. Strategy firms. Government.

Yet, in our core, we each share a passionate commitment to ensuring everyone in the world has the ability to thrive.

Despite working in seemingly different sectors we shared common observations on why the status quo was so disparate. Without access to power, communities simply cannot develop, let alone thrive. Short-term thinking often only addresses symptoms of problems rather than their root causes. Philanthropy, and even multilateral organisations alone are not sufficient since the resource pools are simply not large enough. Business has the critical role to play in sustaining impact. The need to electrify rapidly is paramount, but it has to be clean. Climate change is the most pressing concern of our generation, which makes the global transition towards a low-carbon economy the most important mission.

We met while studying for our MBAs at the University of Oxford. While there, we learned together, grew together, and realized we want to solve problems together. We saw in each other the missing pieces needed while recognizing the importance of working beyond ourselves individually. We are committed to facilitating sustainable energy access for all.

We are fettl.


Eric Sukumaran

Prior to meeting his fellow founders at Oxford, Eric spent four years on originating renewable energy projects in Africa. He became passionate about finding a way to sustainably finance badly needed power projects in some of the most difficult environments. Eric was an investment banker at Deutsche Bank, before leaving to advise the Mayor of London (and now UK Prime Minister) on his successful 2012 re-election campaign. He then went on to become a Senior Policy Adviser for the British Government, working on large infrastructure projects and  international climate treaty negotiations, before completing his time in government with year long stint in Brexit negotiations. Eric also worked as a consultant economist for the World Bank Group, working on prosperity enhancement and climate change mitigation projects in western Africa and the Bank's emergency CoVID-19 response.  Eric holds a BA in Philosophy, Political Science and Economics from the University of Pennsylvania and an MBA from the University of Oxford.

William Stormont

William is passionate about venture building. He seeks out innovative and brilliant people and enjoys helping them strategically build successful businesses that generate sustained impact. Before starting his MBA, William worked in Kulczyk Investment's newly established early stage venture fund, Manta Ray, plus their start-up accelerator program, The inCredibles, in collaboration with Google and IBM. Previously William worked in Rome as the Aide-de-Camp to Fra’ Matthew Festing, Prince and Grand Master of the Sovereign Order of Malta (a multi-national charity), and in New York as a management consultant working with small and medium size businesses across the USA. William holds a BA in Social Sciences from the University of Durham and an MBA from the University of Oxford.

Cristobal Pollman
Director- Latin America

Cristobal has over 17 years’ experience in infrastructure development and corporate real estate services in Latin America, the Middle East and the UK. He currently advises UNECE on urban PPP strategies and had advised several Latin American governments on PPP/PFI, capacity building and delivery projects In addition he has led or. been involved with a number of infrastructure, energy and real estate initiatives for Transport for London, AATE in Peru, FDN in Colombia and Metro de Santiago in Chile. Previously, he held senior positions at Mott MacDonald, Altra Capital Limited. Ankhal Enegry and Capital Project Consultancy LLP. Cristobal holds a BSc in engineering  from UBB Chile, a MSc in Business and Management (concentrating in finance) from the University of Plymouth  and a Post-Graduate Diploma (PGDip), from ENDuRE and Digital Economy Advanced Labs (DEAL) from the University of Surrey.


Thought Leadership

With the world and our economies more dynamic than ever before, it is essential to not only stay abreast of what is happening around us in the now, but also to elucidate new, needed ways of reality. Fettl is commited to push beyond the status quo.

Our latest Thought Leadership pieces are found in the Fettl publication which can be accessed here.


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