Our Values

We are persistent, passionate problem solvers

We have a compassionate spirit and a competitive core.

We act in alignment with our well informed and open-to-learning thought leadership.

We believe the best way to successfully serve all our stakeholders is to be a just business.

We will find a way. If we can’t find one, we’ll make the way.


We come from very different backgrounds. An engineer. An investment banker. A management consultant.

Having worked in very different places. Nairobi, Kenya. New York City, America. Panchgani, India. Jakarta, Indonesia. Rome, Italy. London, UK. International development. Venture capital. Strategy firms. Government.

Yet, in our core, we each share a passionate commitment to ensuring everyone in the world has the ability to thrive.

Despite working in seemingly different sectors we shared common observations on why the status quo was so disparate. Without access to power, communities simply cannot develop, let alone thrive. Short-term thinking often only addresses symptoms of problems rather than their root causes. Philanthropy, and even multilateral organisations alone are not sufficient since the resource pools are simply not large enough. Business has the critical role to play in sustaining impact. The need to electrify rapidly is paramount, but it has to be clean. Climate change is the most pressing concern of our generation, which makes the global transition towards a low-carbon economy the most important mission.

We met while studying for our MBAs at the University of Oxford. While there, we learned together, grew together, and realized we want to solve problems together. We saw in each other the missing pieces needed while recognizing the importance of working beyond ourselves individually. We are committed to facilitating sustainable energy access for all.

We are fettl.